About Me


I am Gemma, a stay at home mom to an independent four-year-old girl and a fearless two-year-old boy. My amazing husband and I have been together for 15 years. We met at 19 in college and dated for 8 years! This year we will celebrate 7 years of marriage.

Before this year, I was a bilingual elementary school teacher. Currently, I am on a sabbatical to be at home with my kids and to recover from the beautiful yet exhausting job of teaching 60 elementary school children every day.

My Background

I was born in Mexico, but I have spent the majority of my life in the United States. Even so, growing up my home was always a traditional Mexican household. My parents’ hearts always belonged to Mexico, and they filled our little home with the sounds of our music and language, the smells of tamales and chile colorado, the practice of our customs, and the unwavering pride in our heritage.

Now in my own home, my goal is to carry on old traditions and establish new ones. Thankfully, my wonderful husband with his deep American roots also honors his family’s traditions and the customs of his Puerto Rican and Mexican background. We are raising bilingual kids, cooking traditional foods, and practicing customs important to our cultures.

About Everyday Latina

Every day during the kids’ naps, I either choose to shower, change into real clothes or I spend time-consuming as much information as possible on healthy foods, natural home remedies, parenting tips, bilingual education, and so many other things.

So as I sit here with a brain full of information, a heart full of passion, and a stomach full of my latest healthy Pinterest find, I have decided to start Everyday Latina.

My hope is that my writing reflects the experiences and information I have gained through my work in public relations, Latino marketing and teaching, my love and practice of theatre, my parents’ and my immigrant stories, my roles as a mother and wife, and my countless hours cooking and researching on the Internet.

I also hope to reach other women, mothers, and Latinas who like myself honor their heritage, have a desire to uphold and create traditions, are obsessed with their family, and are just trying to live a healthy, happy everyday life.

Welcome to Everyday Latina.