Coffee Lovers Gift Guide from a Former Barista

This coffee lovers gift guide from a former barista includes 10 top recommendations to make incredible coffee right in the comfort of your own home.

Coffee Lovers Gift Guide from a Former Barista Pin

Coffee Lovers Gift Guide from a Former Barista

When we were college my husband, Matt, worked at a local coffee shop as a barista. Ever since his days making coffee for overtired, stressed out college students he has developed a passion for all things coffee.

This passion has paid off because my husband makes incredibly delicious coffee!

{Learn more about my husband’s talent for coffee making by reading, How to Make Cheap Coffee Taste Great, Mexican Style.}

I love the weekend mornings when I hear him in the kitchen tinkering with his many assorted coffee instruments. Boiling, steaming, measuring, mixing, frothing, he works calm and focused.

These sounds always excite me, as I know a frothy, smooth, and warm drink will soon be mine. Just take a look at this marvelous homemade latte that I was presented with last weekend.

Homemade Latte #homemadelatte #coffeegiftguide

So now that it is the holiday season, I had the bright idea of asking Matt to share his expertise and help me create a gift guide. I couldn’t think of a better idea for coffee aficionados than a coffee lovers gift guide from a former barista.

The great thing about my former barista is that he loves using various, easy to use gadgets to achieve the perfect cup of joe.

If you have a coffee lover in your life or are one yourself, I hope this coffee lovers gift guide from a former barista will be helpful for you.

Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

from a Former Barista

Coffee Lovers Gift Guide from a Former Barista Pin

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1. Manual Coffee Grinder  – Matt assures me that a coffee grinder is key when making a delicious cup of coffee at home. He highly recommends going for a manual coffee grinder. It will give you more control and consistency over the grind of the coffee beans.

2. Pour Over Coffee Dripper – This is Matt’s latest obsession with a coffee gadget. We also gave one to my dad, another deep coffee lover, for Christmas last year and he absolutely swears by it. This cone-shaped dripper uses a filter and ground coffee to make a rich, smooth cup of coffee. Read more about origins of pour over coffee here.  

3. Cold Brew Coffee Maker – A hot trend in the coffee world. This brewing system steeps ground coffee in cold water for several hours and produces a strong concentrate with a smooth, less acidic taste.

4. French Press – A filter-less device that produces a coffee with a more robust taste. This coffee brewing device consists of a coffee pot with a fine mesh plunger. Coffee is made by placing coarse ground coffee in the pot along with hot water and then using the plunger to press the grounds.

To top it off, a French press can double as a milk frother. First pour some warm milk into a French press and give it a few pumps. The milk will froth better than some of the machines made for this very function.

5. French Press Travel Mug – This is used the same as a regular French press, but yields a single-serving of coffee on the go. Matt recently took it on a camping trip and loved it.

6. Stovetop Espresso Maker – Also known as “moka pots,” makes a strong coffee, similar to espresso, after steam pressure pushes boiling water up through ground coffee. This is the handy little device is what Matt uses to make me those delicious homemade lattes.

7. Handheld Milk Frother -Ditch all the fancy milk frothers, this little tool really does the trick. Small, light and inexpensive, a handheld milk frother is easy to store. Plus it makes amazing foam for your very own homemade lattes.

8. Cezve – A small pot, usually made of copper, designed specifically to make Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is a sweet and creamy espresso-like coffee. It takes skill and practice to get the art of Turkish coffee down, but for a coffee aficionado that’s part of the fun.

9. Turkish Coffee – If you buy a cezve, then you need to have the Turkish coffee to make in it.

10. Turkish Coffee Mugs – If you buy the cezve and Turkish coffee, then of course you will need the corresponding, beautifully adorned coffee cups and saucers to serve the coffee.

There you have it, direct from my husband – a coffee lovers gift guide from a former barista.

Any of these items are a great addition to any coffee lovers kitchen. Not only do they produce great coffee, but they are tremendous money savers. Better yet, you can enjoy amazing coffee in true comfort without even having to leave your home.

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