Easy and Fast Jalapeño Salsa

A spicy, easy and fast jalapeño salsa that is so versatile you can enjoy it with any dish.

Easy and fast jalapeño salsa #jalapeñosalsa #easysalsa #mexicansalsa

Easy and Fast Jalapeño Salsa

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If you open my parents’ refrigerator it is a guarantee you will find some sort of jar, Tupperware or other container filled with spicy homemade salsa. Whether fresh, pickled or in salsa form my parents have to have chiles with all of their meals. They take special pride in knowing how to use a variety of chiles to make all sorts of delicious, fiery salsas. Some people know which wine pairs best with different foods, my parents know which salsa will liven up and complement a dish.

Although I strive to always have fresh homemade salsa in my refrigerator like my parents, I am not as consistent. However, if there is salsa in my fridge, it is almost certain the one that will be in there is my mom’s “Salsa de Chile Jalapeño.” This jalapeño salsa is super easy to make, I always have the ingredients on hand and it goes with almost anything.

I grew up with this jalapeño salsa and now I love making it for my husband (and eventually for my kids once they are a little older).

Easy and fast jalapeño salsa #jalapeñosalsa #easysalsa #mexicansalsa

My Mom’s Jalapeño Salsa

To begin, boil two jalapeños and one medium Roma tomato until soft. This usually takes about 10 minutes.

Jalapeño salsa #jalapeño salsa jalapeño salsa #jalapeño salsa

Next, cut the stems off of the jalapeños and peel the tomato. Place them in a food processor or blender with 1/8 of an onion, a teaspoon of cilantro, 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder, a pinch of pepper, and salt to taste. (You can also boil the onion with the tomato and jalapeños and it will change the taste of the salsa.)

Jalapeño salsa #jalapeño salsa

Then, add 1/8 cup of water (use the same water where you boiled the jalapeños and tomato for extra flavor) and pulse until blended but still chunky. I always start with less water and add more if needed. I am also careful not to over-pulse to avoid getting a mushy salsa.

Easy and fast jalapeño salsa #jalapeñosalsa #easysalsa #mexicansalsa

That’s it! This pairs great with everything, I especially like it mixed in chicken noodle soup, on eggs, and in ground beef tacos or taco salad.

I hope you like it as much as I do!

What is something you always have in your refrigerator?

Easy and fast jalapeño salsa #jalapeñosalsa #easysalsa #mexicansalsa
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Jalapeño Salsa (Salsa de Chile Jalapeño)

Super easy and fast chile jalapeño salsa that is a staple at my house.
Author Gemma from Everyday Latina


  • 2 jalapeños
  • 1 medium Roma tomato
  • 1/8 onion
  • 1 tsp cilantro
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 pinch ground pepper
  • salt to taste


  • Boil two jalapeños and one medium Roma tomato for about 10 minutes, until soft.
  • Cut the stems off of the jalapeños and peel the tomato.
  • Place jalapeños, tomato, onion (see notes), cilantro, garlic powder, pepper and salt in a food processor or blender.
  • Add 1/8 - 1/4 cup of the water used to boil the jalapeños and tomato.
  • Pulse 4-5 times until blended but still chunky.
  • Check the consistency of the salsa and add more water or pulse more until chunky, not mushy, consistency is achieved.


You can also boil the onion with the tomato and jalapeños for a different flavor.
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43 Comments to “Easy and Fast Jalapeño Salsa”

    1. everydaylatina Author

      Hi Chanel, the jalapeños will be very soft after boiling so you can use the back of a spoon or a knife to just slice off the ends. You can also slice the stems off before boiling if you prefer.

  1. Anna Perez

    5 stars
    We grew up with this exact recipe. My moms go to salsa! We always had salsa on the table for ALL meals. You can add a pinch of cumin for a little extra depth. Love it!!

    1. everydaylatina Author

      Hi Dale, I have never frozen it so I honestly am not sure. However, I know many people do freeze their salsas so I am assuming this one would freeze well too.

  2. Kelly

    Is the amount of 1 teaspoon of cilantro correct? The pictures shows a lot more cilantro than this recipe calls for. I can’t imagine making a fresh salsa with only a teaspoon of fresh cilantro.

    1. everydaylatina Author

      Hi Kelly, you are so right, the picture shows more like a tablespoon of cilantro. I sometimes eyeball it so it’s my mistake. However, we do not add too much cilantro to the salsa because the flavor is so strong and we don’t want it to overpower. You can add however much you prefer though, my recommendation is no more than a tablespoon though.

  3. Marnie

    5 stars
    This was the best salsa I have ever made and that says a lot! I consider myself a salsa connoisseur and travel to Mexico yearly, so I know my salsa! I think the boiling really makes a difference…my hispanic friend told me that she boils her as well but likes mine and I roast mine lol I have to say, the boiling makes such a difference! Thank you so much for sharing this gem!

    1. everydaylatina Author

      Marnie, your message means the world to me. Yes the boiling gives the salsa a different flavor and I love it. We make salsa with roasted vegetables but it is a completely different flavor, so I would consider them two totally different salsas. My parents are like you, salsa connoisseurs. They have so many more recipes for salsa that I haven’t even shared. I have to get on that!

  4. Marisol

    5 stars
    This is how I remember my mom making salsa. I was looking for different recipes but I happened to come across yours so I think it was meant to be and just do it this way this weekend.

    1. everydaylatina Author

      Thanks Monica! This is the salsa that is always available in our fridge and my parents’ fridge. So easy to make and goes so well with just about everything. Let me know what you think.

  5. Amy

    I have a few jalapeno plants in my garden and am always looking for ways to use them. This looks like it would be so good on an omelette or burger! I printed it. Thanks!


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