Winter Baby Necessities and Checklist

Winter Baby Necessities has the top products we have used to make winter much easier for us and our little ones, and it includes a free checklist.

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Winter Baby Necessities and Checklist

As I am sitting here typing, I can see the flurries of snow falling from the gray sky. The latest snow storm has begun. Even though it is already March, today is an indication that there’s lots of snowy weather left before the sunny spring days are here.

I have had my last two kids right around the start of the snowy Colorado season. My son, now 4 years old, was born in November and my baby girl was just born in late October 2020. So I have become pretty familiar with the winter gear that is actually useful and necessary for babies.

Below is a list I have compiled of my favorite winter baby necessities. I have gotten so much use out of these items. They have also made winter much easier for us and our little ones. At the end of the post, you will also find a place to sign up for an easy-to-follow checklist. Use this checklist when planning your baby registry or when you are out shopping for winter baby gear.

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions about the items listed or any other baby-related things.

Winter Baby Necessities

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Clothing and Accessories

footed fleece pajamasFooted Fleece Pajamas: I recommend having a few pairs of these. They will keep your baby nice and cozy while they are sleeping and are even great outfits for the daytime.

sleep sackWearable Blanket/ Sleep Sack: These are wonderful for swaddling babies on cold winter nights. My little ones never really liked having their arms swaddled. These sleep sacks made it easy to still keep them warm and leave their arms free. You should get at least two different sizes for your baby to be able to use throughout the whole winter.

mittens and hatHats and Mittens: Buy a couple of comfortable beanies and mittens to keep those little heads and hands warm. This is a beautiful knitted set that’s great for boys and girls.

sweaterSweater: I don’t recommend buying a coat for a baby (more on that later), but having a couple of sweaters are great for layering and keep baby warm. I love turning little summer dresses into winter outfits by adding a sweater over.

short sleeve onesiesShort Sleeve Onesies:These are useful for layering too and it’s definitely a good idea to have a couple of packs of these.

long sleeve onesiesLong-Sleeve Onesies: Again these are great for layering and the long sleeves offer extra warmth for your baby’s arms on extra cold days.

Out and About

car seat cover Car Seat Cover: These type of winter car seat covers are weather resistant and easily fit on baby’s car seat. This will keep your baby warm and protected from the elements when you are out and about.

Baby Carrier: We love to use our baby carrier when we are somewhere that requires us to walk outside and it is cold.  We will wear the baby in the carrier and also place a blanket around the carrier. The blanket and our the body heat helps keep the baby warm.

blanketBig Plush Blanket: During days when it is windy, snowing, or extra cold, we like to have a nice big plush baby blanket or quilt to throw over the car seat as we go to and from the car. The one we have we actually purchased at the flea market, but this one pictured is another great option.

winter jumpsuitWinter Jumpsuit: Do not buy a coat for your baby. Your baby will be uncomfortable and unable to move their arms (think the boy from A Christmas Story). Plus, coats are unsafe in the car seat and you are supposed to take them off so you can strap your baby in right. Instead buy your baby a romper or jumpsuit, like the one linked, that can be placed over their clothes. This will keep them warm from head to toe and still allows them to move.

snowsuitSnowsuit: This is similar to the coat, it doesn’t allow your baby to be very mobile nor should your baby wear it when strapped into the car seat. However, if it is a snowy day and you want to keep your baby warm and dry while playing in the snow (and take really cute pictures), having a baby snowsuit is a good idea. Just be sure to put it on once they are out of the car seat.

Baby Health

Nose FridaNose Frida: Winter weather can cause babies to become congested and of course get colds. This a nasal aspirator is so much better than the bulb ones they give at the hospital to help clear stuffy noses.

saline dropsSaline Drops: Along with the Nose Frida, you place some saline drops in the baby‘s nose to help clear up their little noses.

coconut oilCoconut Oil: I talk about my love for coconut oil for diaper rashes in my post The Two Best Diaper Rash Home Remedies.  I also love coconut oil as a moisturizer for dry skin. The cold winter weather can really dry out your baby’s skin. Coconut oil is not only gentle, but does wonders for their skin.

thermometerThermometer: I highly recommend a quick-read forehead thermometer. In case your baby does get sick, this thermometer works so fast.

Nursery Accessories

wipe warmerWipe Warmer: In all honesty, I don’t have a wipe warmer, but I wish I did. Baby wipes are cold! I always try to warm them up in my hands before placing them on my baby’s little behind. Having a wipe warmer would make this process so much easier.

humidifierHumidifier: Another great item to combat the dry winter air is a humidifier. Place the humidifier in the room while your baby is sleeping. It will help add moisture to the air, which is especially important if your baby is congested.

Winter Baby Necessities Checklist

I have made it easy to take this list with you whether you’re shopping for your baby, registering for your baby shower, or shopping for a friend.  Just fill out the form below and the printable, easy-to-follow checklist will be emailed to you.

I hope you find these recommendations useful and I hope you and your baby stay warm!

Please leave me a comment below if you try any of these items or tag me on Instagram @everydaylatina.


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